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Success Packages for your Cloud Migration

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Overview of our packages

Additional services for your Use-Case

A migration to the Atlassian Cloud includes more than just the migration activity. We keep our extensions ready for you in a modular kit. You have the option to include app migrations in your personal migration package or to add certain services such as a second test migration.
Below you will find an overview of the possible packages.


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Migration Services


Migration Services are packages that extend the standardized migration packages. Your instance is individually tailored to your company, and so there are also special features in the migration that we cover with these packages.

Below you will find information about each of the individual packages.

€ 4,690.00

In our experience, it is more effective to perform a migration twice. This improves performance and increases the quality of the productive migration.

  • To ensure a smooth migration, the productive migration is simulated once again and it is checked to see whether all steps have been followed. From here on out, users are generally prepared for the new system. This phase ensures that the productive migration works.

  • Documentation

  • Troubleshooting problems after migration

  • Migration Test

€ 2,900.00

  • Simple upgrade of the instance to the current enterprise version without additional changes and without updating your database

€ 2,900.00

  • Preparation of a test instance. Current data is copied to the test system and the instance is restored.

€ 900.00

  • SAML Configuration

  • Configuration of the user synchronization

  • Domain Validation (max. 2 Domains)

  • Email Configuration (2 Domains)

  • Security Regulations (max. 4)


This is only needed once. If you already have it for Jira, you don't need another package for Confluence.

€ 900.00

  • Integration of 5 additional Apps from Class B

Support Services

Once your migration has been successfully completed, in many cases further support is required to support internal change management. With our support services we initially help you and your co-workers to solve possible questions and adjustments quickly and easily.

€ 3,500.00

  • Even with a very successful migration, there is still a need for minor rework or training. In this phase, we ensure that all project participants can continue to work successfully.

  • Support on post-migration questions

  • Post-migration troubleshooting 

  • Training in the event a problem

  • Documentation adjustments

€ 2,900.00

  • An additional week of the Hypercare-phase

€ 740.00

  • Additional support from 8 am - 6 pm CET

Change Management

We would also be happy to support you with Change Management in your company. We help you in the preparation and communication with the responsible parties as well as in the preparation of the users for the post-migration period through a differential training.

€ 3,900.00

Change Management Workshops for your Stakeholders
  • Meeting with stakeholders to present migration planning (max. 20 people).

  • Additonal Q/A Session (Max. 50 People) 2 x 2 Hours

  • Additional presentation for Management

  • Differences presentation

  • Explanation of new functions 

€ 3,900.00

Differential training for end users of Confluence or Jira
  • Presentation of the differences
  • Explanation of the new features
  • 3 training sessions with 100 participants each
  • Video recording possible 
  • Identify stakeholders 

Not sure which one of our packages is best for you?

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