Enterprise Service Management 

ESM for all teams with Jira

More than just another Service Desk

Enterprise Service Management - or ESM - is the extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) to enable better service delivery for business areas such as Human Resources (HR), Legal, Facilities, Marketing and Finance.

Make services visible

It's not always obvious, but all teams provide a range of services that are typically accessed indiscriminately. HR teams are paged on Slack to get payroll information, building teams are emailed about urgent repairs, and IT teams are visited in the office to ask about replacing laptops.

ESM helps organizations articulate their services and deliver them consistently through a unified portal that is accessible 24/7.

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Your ESM Features



Choose from more than 200 templates for forms and more, and have more time for the important tasks.



Use automated workflows to link tickets or to delegate them automatically.



Reporting across the whole organization for more transparency and better decisions.


Integrated Chats

Slack- or MS Teams messages become Jira tickets - fully automated.


Knowledge Management

Thanks to your Knowledge Base, employees can find the answers to their questions themselves.



Delegate authorizations. Increase autonomy while retaining control and an overview.

HR Service Desk at a Fixed Price

HR Managers have to answer numerous queries about various HR topics every day. We tailor your service desk to the needs of HR teams - equipped with suitable automations, workflows, consulting budget, and more.

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Instead of ITSM versus ESM, it's now ITSM plus ESM. A great ITSM implementation helps organizations expand their success by standardizing services and optimizing workflows.

ESM leverages existing ITSM principles that IT teams have relied on for years. It's not just about blindly copying; it's about deploying ITSM principles in a way that meets the unique business requirements of each department.

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