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We are preparing you with our workshops to achieve your individual goals with the various Atlassian tools.

Together we explore new approaches and determine which tools and packages will make it easiest for you to achieve your individual goals. 

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This is what you can expect in our workshop

Use the workshop as a basis and then choose the appropriate package and module

We want to make sure that we implement your project according to your wishes. Therefore, we conduct our workshop together with you. This way, we find out what your current situation is and what your requirements are - the perfect basis for a successful project.


We analyze your current situation. You tell us what ideas, goals and requirements you have for your project management tool.  This is how we lay the foundation for project planning.
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Our experts bring extensive experience, best practices and expertise to the workshop. This will give you an overview of the topics and content that await you in the project.


Based on this, we use an exemplary roadmap to show what our joint project with its phases and milestones could look like.


For the structured and detailed implementation of our remote workshop, we take 4 hours for you - enough to discuss everything important and to keep a clear head. We believe that each customer is unique, so this workshop is mandatory to ensure a correct estimate and architecture for our modules.

Our workshops take place remotely. If you wish to have a workshop on-site, we will be happy to visit you in the DACH region for an additional fee of 500 €. 

Workshop focus

Set your focus. You decide which tools and topics you want to cover in your workshop.

Product related workshops

Become an expert in using your Atlassian products


Jira Software

1,500 €


Jira Software helps you plan, track and execute tasks within your team in a clear and structured way. Get a better understanding on Jira Software and let us find out together how to implement your Jira Software project to achieve your goals in the best way!

Security- and Access Management

1,500 €


We will be addressing the key aspects of the Atlassian security architecture, focusing on user management, authentication mechanisms, permissions, best practices for access policies, and more. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear understanding of the security and access management of your Atlassian products.

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access management workshop


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Can't find the right workshop for you? Don't worry!

We're here to help put together a customized set of  workshops that cater to your unique needs and those of your company.


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