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Cloud Migration: Fixed Packages

Migrate easily and inexpensively into the Cloud

In the Cloud, in less than 6 weeks

venITure offers you a Cloud Migration in no more than 6 weeks for Confluence, Jira Software/Core and Service Management. This migration from your server or data center instance enables you to take advantage of the Atlassian Cloud. With a Cloud Migration, your company becomes more agile, more open to new innovation and your costs decrease.

When you purchase this package, venITure will perform your entire migration and support you in successfully implementing it in the new cloud environment.

The prices of the respective packages are based on the Atlassian product, the number of users and include a Customer Success Story with venITure & Atlassian. 


What our packages contain:

check SAML-Configuration (Atlassian Access)

check Instance Analysis 

check User Management Adoption

check Test Migration

check Productive Migration

check Migration of Atlassian Apps (Klasse A und max. 5 Klasse B Apps)





Who this package is recommended for:

This package is recommended if venITure should take over the migration activities for you. From analysis, and test migration to productive migration, you get all migration services from one source. We are happy to extend the included services with further "Migration Success Packages."

User Tier (Server/DC) Fixed Price
≥ 50 €10,000.00
≥ 250 €15,000.00
≥ 500 €20,000.00
≥ 2000 €25,000.00
≥ 10,000 €30,000.00
> 40,000 €40,000.00


User Tier (Server/DC) Fixed Price
≥ 50 €10,000.00
≥ 250 €12,000.00
≥ 500 €15,000.00
≥ 2000 €19,000.00
≥ 10,000 €25,000.00
> 40,000 €30,000.00


In addition to the migration package, various add-ons can be booked as Migration Success Packages. These can simplify a smooth migration and help with the integration of certain apps. From a number of users of 500 on the existing environment, we recommend to additionally perform the Stage Migration and the Hypercare Phase.

Additional add-ons:

  • Additional Class B Apps

  • Technical Atlassian Migration Specialist

  • Various Support Packages 

Migrate with us to the cloud!


Our extension packages are also available at a fixed price

Automation for Jira

Automation is a solution to create rules without code. Based on Jira events, rules are created according to the principle "if this then that". This way processes can be automated, time can be saved and Jira can be kept up to date. Teams can focus on their own work and no one needs to be reminded to update their processes.

venITure Fixed Price:

€ 5,000

  • Up to 250 automations. Limitations are possible

Script Runner

Gain power and flexibility to adapt Confluence and Jira to your organization's complex processes.

Work faster and smarter by automating time-consuming administrative tasks, managing content in bulk, and extending the functionality of Atlassian products through improved usability and seamless integration with other software.


Some features may not be available in the cloud. All features that are available in the cloud and possible with automations will be implemented.


Scripts Prices
50 < € 2,500
100 < € 5,000
250 < € 10,000
500 < € 19,000
> 500 Upon Request

Some features may not be available in the cloud. All features that are available in the cloud and possible with automations will be implemented.


Scripts Prices
15 < € 5,000
25 < € 10,000
75 < € 19,000
> 75 Upon Request


Insight for Jira

With the Insight feature in Jira Service Management, teams can track their assets, configure items and configure resources. This enables a better understanding and visualization of the critical relationships between applications, services, underlying infrastructure and other key dependencies.


  • Max. 5 Plans

  • Automations are not included because they do not exist in the cloud version of Insight. 
Scripts Prices
10 < Object Type € 5,000
50 < Object Type € 10,000
100 =< Object Type € 19,000
Object Type >100 Auf Anfrage

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