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You need software support?

Our experts will help you!

Our experts are dedicated to answering your specific questions about Atlassian software. So it's not just your end users who benefit, but above all your IT teams when they get stuck on complex technical questions. Our consultants take a solution-oriented approach and process the request systematically.

Consultancy Packages

1st- and 2nd Level Support in one

Our advice - individually tailored to your needs


Silver Package

Up to 8 support hours monthly

800 $


Gold Package

Up to 16 support hours monthly

1,500 $


Platinum Package

Up to 42 support hours monthly

3,700 $


Unlimited Package

Unlimited support

On request


Your advantages with our consultation packages


Guaranteed availability

We will provide you with consultants who will answer your questions within the specified response and service time.


Planning and budget security

Through our flat rate prices, which refer to your booked hourly contingent.

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You have access to our shared service desk portal at any time and can access your requests.


Improved customer experience

Instead of searching for answers themselves or asking colleagues over and over again, your users can rely on our expertise for their daily questions, receive individual attention and feel better understood.

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Conserving your IT resources

Your IT team does not have to answer the same questions over and over again, but can focus on solving more complex problems.

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Expert knowledge always at hand

Our experts, with many years of experience, know the best practices of different tools, can quickly think their way into your situations and use cases and respond in an easy-to-understand way.


Example queries answered by our support team:

  • Our Slack communication no longer runs automatically into our Jira project.

  • We want the due date of a task to be automatically set to 1 day as soon as the priority is 'high'. How can this be designed in ScriptRunner?

  • The Jira reports are not enough for me. I want to create interactive reports with eazyBI but don't know how.

  • We are not getting anywhere with Atlassian Access setup. Can you please check where we made a configuration error?

  • I have special design requirements for the PDF export of Confluence pages.

  • During the approval process with Comala Document Management, no email is sent to the author. What is the reason for this?

  • We cannot add request participants in Service Request. 


Do these requests sound familiar to you?

We set up a dedicated and easy-to-use help desk for your team, which they can access at any time. In compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), our team will answer enquiries and consult with you if, for example, changes to the rights or role system are requested that require your approval.

Contact us now and arrange a non-binding consultation:

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