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    Atlassian Certifications & Specializations

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    Atlassian has numerous partners worldwide that vary in size from small to large. To make it easier for Atlassian customers to assess the quality of Atlassian partners, they are classified into Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with Platinum being the highest value.

    Platinum Solution Partners have met the highest training requirements and proven practices that can be scaled from small to large customers.

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    Corporate Certificates

    Passed Audits and Certifications

    ISO Zertifizierung

    ISO/IEC 27001

    The ISO 27001 certification is a clear indicator that our products and services meet high quality standards and we ensure the efficiency and continuous improvement of our entire operation at the same time. Each of our employees is committed to protecting our customers' data and we are very proud to have received the ISO 27001 certification as evidence of that.

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    As a company in the IT industry, we have always placed special emphasis on the protection of our customers' data. TISAX is recognized by the automotive industry as a standard for information security. We are officially TISAX registered. This confirms our commitment to the highest standards in terms of information security and data protection and ensures the protection of confidential information in all our business practices.

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    cloud safety

    Cloud Security

    Are you already in the Atlassian cloud or thinking about a migration? We have summarized all the certifications and compliance requirements that Atlassian's cloud fulfills for you.

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    Alte Arbeitsweise
    Neue Arbeitsweise
    Flüssige, transparente Kommunikation
    Unkomplizierte und visuelle Planung
    Zeitunabhängige globale Zusammenarbeit
    Automatisierung der Arbeit
    Eigenständige Teams mit Entscheidungsgewalt

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    Projektmanagement ist ein übergeordneter Begriff, der die wesentlichen Vorgänge der Initiierung, Planung, Überwachung, Steuerung, Kommunikation und des Abschlusses von Kosten und Terminen umfasst. 

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    Mithilfe eines effizienten Wissensmanagements im Unternehmen lassen sich firmeninterne Prozesse abbilden, steuern, planen und optimieren sowie Informationen teilen, verbreiten, erweitern und vor allem gebrauchen/nutzen.

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