Lösungen, die Mehrwert bieten

Ob Software-Team, Service-Team oder Business-Team: Mit unseren Lösungen in den Bereichen Wissensmanagement, Projektmanagement, Aufgabenmanagement, Agile at Scale und vielen mehr treiben wir die digitale Transformation Deines Unternehmens voran!

Die passenden Tools für Deine digitale Transformation

Egal ob Du nach einem Tool für Projektmanagement oder nach einem neuen Dokumentationssystem suchst: Wir haben genau das richtige für Dich.

Wer wir sind und was genau wir machen

Erfahre mehr über venITure: Wer wir sind, was wir machen und wie wir Dir helfen können die digitale Transformation in Deinem Unternehmen voranzutreiben.

Werde ein Teil unseres Teams!

Wir suchen begeisterte Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die sich leidenschaftlich für ihr Fachgebiet engagieren. Entwickle gemeinsam mit uns neue Lösungen, um die digitale Transformation voranzutreiben und die Welt ein wenig besser zu machen.

Our Fixed Price Packages

Achieve your goals - uncomplicated and cost-effective with our comprehensive Atlassian solutions

Product and consulting packages at a fixed price

Are you tired of dealing with complicated project planning and unclear costs? Over the years, we've consistently showcased our expertise through projects of various scales – whether it's the successful implementation of Atlassian products or the seamless migration of projects to the cloud.

This expertise, coupled with carefully curated best practices, enables us to provide you with a diverse range of services at a fixed price. This way, you save both time and money while having a dependable foundation for planning.

Cloud migration services at a fixed price

We'll seamlessly transition you to the Atlassian Cloud – fast and cost-effectively. Our established and standardized processes ensure a secure migration to the cloud.

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Core Package

Migrate to the cloud affordably

4,690 €

For less complex on-premise instances with a simple migration.

  Migration of any number of users.

  Guided migration of Atlassian Admin to use Cloud Migration Assistant

 Assessment Meeting

All-in Package

The complete package for cloud migrations

10,000 €

Our experts will take care of the complex implementation for you!

  Class A and B apps

  Instance analysis 

  Test migration 

  Productive migration

 User management adoption 

and much more...

The process of migrating to the Atlassian Cloud involves more than just the migration itself. Our modules include all essential extensions that you can easily incorporate into your migration package.



ITSM Packages

Do you want to streamline and enhance your service for customers and employees through a user-friendly and efficient portal or service desk? And do you want it done quickly and effortlessly? We're here to assist you!

Our ITSM packages are built on proven methodologies that blend the strengths of ITIL with the expertise of our professionals, all aimed at delivering optimal outcomes for you.

Starter Package

Get your service desk up and running in just four weeks, utilizing best practices and standard features, without unnecessary complexities.


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Advanced Package

The basic functions of Jira Service Management are not enough for you and you need individual configurations?


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Pro Package

Your requirements are more specific? We'll create a solution customized to your exact needs.



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Your requirements go beyond the standard functions? No problem! You can extend our ITSM packages individually with modules.

Jira und Confluence Packages


JWM unterstützt besonders non-IT-Teams dabei, Ihren Arbeitsalltag zu strukturieren.

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Pakete, die für verschiedene Anwendungsfälle konfiguriert wurden.

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Jira Work-Management Packages

JWM excels at aiding non-IT teams in organizing their day-to-day operations. Whether it's marketing, legal, or HR departments, our packages target precisely where you desire progress.

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Confluence-Essentials Packages

Our team of experts configures the standard version of Confluence using our best practices. Empower your employees with seamless collaboration and centralized knowledge management in the shortest span of time.

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Clean-up package for Jira and Confluence

Put an end to information chaos and gain better visibility in Jira and Confluence. Our experts are here to assist you in decluttering your Atlassian instances. Streamline complexity with a clear and organized work environment.

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Our support and consulting packages - tailored to your needs

Often the technical know-how of employees varies within a company. Ensuring your staff can effectively utilize Atlassian products is crucial.

This is where we step in, providing you with expert support from our Atlassian professionals.

Your advantages with our consultation packages


Guaranteed availability

We will assign consultants to you who aim to address your queries within the specified response and service timeframes.


Budget and Planning Security

Our flat-rate pricing model is tied to your booked hourly contingent, providing clear financial predictability.

transparency (1)


You'll have round-the-clock access to our shared service desk portal, granting you constant oversight of your requests.


Improved customer experience

Rather than repeatedly seeking answers themselves or asking colleagues, your users can lean on our expertise for their day-to-day queries.

back-in-time (2)

Conserving your IT resources

Your IT team can avoid repetitively answering the same questions and instead focus on addressing more complex issues.

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Expert knowledge always at hand

Our experts are familiar with the best practices for various tools and can swiftly adapt to your unique situations and use cases. They provide easy-to-understand solutions.

Need help selecting your package?

We will be happy to guide you through our packages and solutions, working together to determine the best fit for you and your needs.




We're here to provide you with complimentary and non-binding advice during your initial consultation. Reach out to our experts, and let's explore the possibilities together.