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    Your Next Product Idea

    Jira Product Discovery especially assists product teams in capturing and prioritizing their ideas. Features like Roadmaps and Insights provide complete transparency in product development.

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    The Tool for Product Management Teams

    Jira Product Discovery is all about ideas and their development. With this tool, product teams get their own space linked to Jira Software – thus, product development and deployment can occur within a single platform. With these features, product development becomes a team sport:

    Ideas & Insights

    Your team's ideas turn into the Discovery project. Ideas can be opportunities, problems, or even potential solutions.

    Fill your ideas with insights: product and customer data, feedback, market research, and more. Everything that helps you with implementation.

    Product Discovery - All Ideas


    Fields help you to further describe, compare, and prioritize your ideas. Your fields can be, for example, goals.



    Thanks to various views, you can organize and display your ideas in a way that suits you and your stakeholders best.

    You can adjust the views very precisely and format them as a matrix, board, or timeline.

    Product Discovery - Board

    How does Jira Product Discovery work?

    Especially developed for product managers, Atlassian's Jira Product Discovery helps to gather product ideas and cross-departmentally develop new products.



    Here, product teams gather their product requirements, user feedback, and requests - all in one centralized place.



    Flexible views and detailed fields assist you in comparing and prioritizing ideas.


    Integrate & Connect

    All teams are coordinated. Stakeholder-oriented roadmaps and the ability to provide feedback via comments, votes, or reactions assist in this process.

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      Jira Product Discovery is your partner for the entire product development process. It takes the heavy lifting off your hands, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your ideas and products.

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