Migrating to the Cloud

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Are you currently using your Atlassian tools as server or data center variant? Time to make the switch!

With Atlassian's Cloud platform, organizations get world-class security, compliance, performance and reliability. But moving systems to the cloud involves technical complexities, potential downtimes and data security risks.

That’s where we come in. We not only assist you with your cloud migration but also offer services such as trainings and add-on modules to support you during and after the migration.

Our Migration Packages

All-in Package

Migration for your user tier at a fixed price

We take care of your entire migration and implementation process at a fixed price according to your user tier.

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Core Package

For 4,690€ with any number of users in the cloud

With any number of users in the cloud for only 4690 € with our Migration Flat Package.

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Our support during your Migration

Our veniture modules help you execute a smooth cloud migration. 

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Your Way to Cloud



We analyze your Confluence and Jira instances and evaluate their complexity. Depending on age, size, version, etc., there are different factors we need to consider.


Preparation of your Cloud instance

After the analysis, we prepare the Atlassian Cloud instance for you. During this process, we take care of cost-optimized license processing that takes Atlassian's promotional prices into account.



As part of the collaborative project coordination, we will perform the migration of your instances within six weeks.



After a successful migration, we will invite you to an Atlassian Cloud training session, where we will introduce you to the changes that are of relevance.

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Get in touch with us today, and let's move your systems to the Atlassian Cloud safely and efficiently.

Want to know how much your cloud migration costs?

The costs of a cloud migration can depend on various factors such as the Atlassian products you use, the number of users, or the complexity and quantity of your apps.

We offer a free cost calculation service for you. Simply fill out our form and let us know what you need. Within just a few days, you will receive our calculation.

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Customer Assessment

Why should you migrate to the Cloud with veniture?

Experience enhanced scalability, improved performance, and top-tier security with a successful migration to the Atlassian Cloud.

We have a proven track record as a cloud-specialized Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner - our certified Atlassian experts have ongoing experience and can assist with planning and execution. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!

We are here to make your cloud journey seamless and worry-free.

Experience successful cloud migration and see the benefits of migrating

Learn how our customer Voith benefited from their move to the cloud and how you can easily migrate as well.

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Benefits of the Atlassian Cloud


The Atlassian Cloud allows businesses to easily scale their operations up or down based on their needs.


With Atlassian Cloud products, businesses can achieve optimal performance.


Atlassian Cloud provides enterprise-grade security to protect your data with legally mandated security standards.


Shifting to cloud can lower overall costs as there's no need for hardware maintenance or upgrades.


The Cloud provides constant system availability so teams can work anytime, anywhere (SLA: 99.9 %).


Cloud services offer unmatched collaboration opportunities for distributed teams.

Our free white paper on cloud migration

Download our free white paper on "Top 5 reasons to migrate to the cloud" now and learn why you should think about moving to the cloud today and how we can help you.


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