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Ob Software-Team, Service-Team oder Business-Team: Mit unseren Lösungen in den Bereichen Wissensmanagement, Projektmanagement, Aufgabenmanagement, Agile at Scale und vielen mehr treiben wir die digitale Transformation Deines Unternehmens voran!

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Jira Align

Connect and transform your enterprise with agile planning

Scaling agility in your company

Jira Align is the optimal solution for scaling agility in large enterprises. It supports the agile transformation of your company through the comprehensive networking of acting people and teams. Proven agile frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS or SCRUM@Scale are fully supported and mapped digitally. You can also seamlessly integrate any existing Jira software instance.

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What exactly is Jira Align and what advantages does it offer? 

Jira Align is an Enterprise Agile Planning platform that connects work, programs and portfolio management at scale. This connectivity creates a harmonious, fully informed organization that receives real-time data. Simply put, Jira Align connects teams to their business processes.

Large enterprises use it to ensure teams have the right insight into product roadmaps, portfolio plans, dependencies, and more in real time.

blue checkmark Work is visible across the enterprise in real-time


blue checkmark Scale levels are connected - everyone can get on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps, and dependencies between teams and portfolios.


blue checkmark Strategic investments are easily linked to the customer value created to achieve faster and more reliable results

blue checkmark Connects business strategy with technical execution and provides real-time visibility


Benefits of agile transformation


Make work visible across the enterprise in real-time, creating a harmonious and fully informed organization that receives real-time data.


Make your work understandable and cooperative to align teams to their business processes.

Optimize value

Enhance value through agile scaling and portfolio management, easily linking strategic investments to the customer value created to achieve faster and more reliable results.

Jira Align: Features which impress


Makes all work visible and transparent, providing real-time information on the importance of each task with an integrated "why-button" at the top of each panel for all major work items.


Meet the requirement of lean portfolio management through budget capabilities. Plan, track, and monitor budgets at every level.


Create a dashboard for each hierarchical level of the company.

Backlog planning

The Ideation portal makes it possible for the entire company to submit new feature requests and ideas.


Capacity planning and reporting. 

Cost tracking

Real-time cost tracking across all elements and hierarchies of the business, value tracking with real-time results.


Dependency Map to show dependencies at different levels between tasks and teams, extensive dependency tracking with dependency approvals.

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SPC Training: Implementing SAFe®

Our Implementing SAFe® course provides participants with the most comprehensive look at every level of a SAFe® implementation. This course is designed for anyone who wants to be a leader in a Lean-Agile transformation. You will receive the guidance and tools you need to lead effectively in remote environments with distributed teams. 

Our SAFe® trainings



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