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The world's first teamwork directory 

The world has never been as networked as it is today. Teams communicate with each other through a wide variety of channels and thus also collect all important information, agreements and our knowledge from project experiences in many different places. What if there was a tool that replaced these different channels and stored everything in one place? Clear the stage for Atlas!

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What can Atlas do?

With Atlas, Atlassian offers a new teamwork tool that aims to connect teams, applications and their work. Atlas provides teams with a platform for open communication and establishes a common understanding of what is happening at work.

informative-1  Always be up to date

Atlassian Atlas replaces annoying status update meetings

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Just about all of us know them: status update meetings where, in the end, almost no one listens and just waits to share the latest news from their project with the others.  Atlas helps you make these meetings obsolete. By creating projects, your whole team can post all the important news in a short status update in one place at any time, making it accessible to everyone. This asynchronizes communication and allows each part of the team to work more independently without losing information.

The stress of everyday life catches up with us all at some point


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To help you remember to post status updates regularly, Atlas reminds you every Friday via email, Slack or Microsoft Teams - whichever you use most. This ensures that everyone gets an overview of all the events of the past week first thing next Monday, so everyone is on the same page.

back-in-time-1  Save time and collaborate more productively

Your new internal Twitter?!


As the saying goes: brevity is the spice of life. With this in mind, Atlassian limited the status updates in Atlas to 280 characters - just like Twitter has been doing for years. This not only means that people will get bored of texts that are forever long, but above all that internal communication will become more efficient.

And there's another feature you already know from social networks like Facebook and Twitter - A dedicated feed that always shows you the latest updates on all projects. You can follow projects even if you are not part of the team that is actively working on them and you will always be kept up to date.

The magic of the three "W" questions


Time and again, the same questions arise in different teams: What exactly are the other teams doing? What projects are they working on? And how do their projects help us grow?

Atlas immediately answers these questions in two different ways. In the team overview you can see which projects a team is working on and who is part of the team. If you then look at the team's individual projects, there is a section dedicated to clarifying questions. There it explains what exactly is being done, why it is being done that way, and how the project contributes to our goals.

Speaking of goals: Atlas has a section specifically designed for that as well.

target-1 Keeping goals and resources in view 

Why are we doing all this anyway?


By setting up goals, everyone in the company knows what they are working towards together. Each goal can be assigned one or more projects that directly contribute to achieving that goal. Here, too, a separate section can be used to state why the goal is important to us as a company - making communication not only more transparent, but also easier.

To do this, you can create a hierarchy in goals, making it immediately clear which goals are part of a higher, larger goal. Like projects, you can also follow goals to stay on top of them as soon as updates are posted.

Who do I contact from a team if I do have questions?


Atlas' help directory gives you the opportunity to ask questions that can be answered by anyone who knows. Teams can also post helpful links that can help you work more effectively without having to ask or search the Internet. If what you are looking for is not there, teams can also post links that will direct you to the specific place where you can ask for help.

Can't I achieve all this with other tools?

While Jira and Confluence, for example, are excellent tools for distributing tasks, creating knowledge and organizing teams better, Atlas is a dedicated communication tool. But unlike Microsoft Teams or Slack, Atlas' feed in particular helps you stay on top of things. You never have to wonder again when something was written in which channel and you don't have to search for information forever.

In addition, Atlas fits perfectly into the Atlassian ecosystem and you always have access to all important content, regardless of whether it is stored in Jira, Confluence or other Atlassian products.

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Advantages of Atlas briefly summarized


Transparent communication

Everyone can see exactly when and how a project has progressed, always staying connected.


Reviews and status updates

Save time and nerves with overview pages of teams and projects and status updates so short that everyone will read them.


Goals and help directory

Define your goals and always keep them in mind. If you get stuck, you can find what you're looking for in the help directory. 

Introduce Atlas for only 1,400 €

The total cost of the implementation project is a flat rate of 1,400 €. This is a fixed price with a guarantee of successful project launch:

  • Presentation of the product to your stakeholders.
  • Survey of your specific requirements for the product.
  • Conducting a remote workshop (3h).
  • Training of your end users (1h).

The implementation project is completely optional. If the licenses have been purchased, you can also set up the software yourself. 

We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on your license purchase and management. We are looking forward to a conversation with you!


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