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Migrate to cloud easily and affordably - suitable for server and data center instances, or Cloud-to-Cloud migrations

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Efficient and cost-effective cloud migration with veniture

A migration to the cloud can be a lengthy and bewildering process. We offer you a straightforward and transparent cloud migration solution. We have successfully moved servers and data center instances to the cloud for various businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational corporations.


Our Fixed-Price Packages

Depending on your requirements and the complexity of your migration project, we offer either our Core package or the All-In package for your cloud migration. You can expand your chosen package at any time by adding our extension modules.

Core Package

Migrate inexpensivly to the Cloud


Less complex, on-premise instances with a simple migration.
check Migration of any number of users
check Guided migration of the Atlassian Admin to utilize the Cloud Migration Assistant
check Assessment Meeting

All-in Package

The full package per instance starts at


Our experts will take care of the complex implementation for you!

check Class A and B Apps*

check Analysis of the Instance 

check Test-Migration 

check Productive migration

check User-Management-Adoption 

check Optionally, you can add additional modules as well

*Based on our expertise, we have developed a classification for apps by migration complexity (complexity increases from A to C).

Why should you migrate with veniture?

Reliable planning

Our fixed prices provide you with maximum budget control and transparent cost planning

Cost optimization

We manage your licenses in a way that optimizes costs, considering Atlassian's promotional pricing.

All from one source

We guide you from the initial consultation to the migration itself and provide additional services to ensure your migration is as seamless as possible.


We'll keep you updated throughout the migration in case there are any changes in performance requirements that arise during the process.


Got questions? Our experts are always here for you. As an Atlassian partner, we assist you in all phases of the migration process.

Training offer

We don't leave you on your own after the migration. We offer a range of training options that will prepare you perfectly for working in the new cloud environment.



Looking for more? Enhance your cloud migration with our modules

The process of migrating to the Atlassian Cloud goes beyond mere migration. Our modules provide all the essential enhancements, which can be seamlessly integrated into your personal migration package. Plus, you have the flexibility to include specific services, such as an additional test migration or app migrations, according to your preference.

Migration services are personalized packages that extend beyond the regular migration options. As every company has its own distinct needs, we offer specialized features within these packages to ensure that your setup is adjusted according to your particular requirements throughout the migration procedure.


  • Stage Migration
  • Upgrade your instance to the latest Enterprise version
  • Test system preparation
  • Atlassian Access Configuration
  • Additional Apps


We support you in Change Management for your company, aiding you with the necessary preparations and effective communication with involved parties. Additionally, we conduct specialized training to prepare users for the period after migration.


Once you've successfully completed your migration, there's often a requirement for supplementary support to facilitate internal change management. Our support services are crafted to aid you and your team in promptly and efficiently addressing any inquiries or adaptations. We offer initial support to guarantee a seamless and trouble-free transition.


  • Hypercare-Phase (one week)
  • Extension of the Hypercare-Phase
  • Additional 10 hours of support

Clean-Up Package for Jira and Confluence: Ensuring a Seamless Cloud Migration

Say goodbye to information clutter and gain better control over Jira and Confluence. Our experts will assist you in decluttering your Atlassian instances, ensuring a swift transition to the cloud without any obstacles.

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Thinking about migrating to the cloud?

We understand that reliability and security are of utmost importance to you during the migration process. Our expertise is built upon years of experience, enabling us to offer you a proven methodology for a smooth and secure cloud migration.

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Cloud Migration Lead

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