Jira Work Management Essentials Package

For first steps with Jira or to optimize your instance

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Efficient and easy - Your basics at a fixed price 

Jira Work Management (JWM) - the ideal solution for collaboration, coordination and to maximize your success. We have used our experience and best practices to create a package that enables even non-IT teams to efficiently plan and implement complex projects and tasks.

Project roadmap 

1 week | 1,500 €*
01 Kick-Off Meeting

Discussion of the procedure


Project planning

02 Technical Implementation



Test implementation

03 Feedback & Adjustments

Demo of the potential configuration

Adjustments based on the feedback

04 Go-Live

Announcement in the company

Activation of the system

Package contents

Setting up the JWM instance

We will work with you to define an Atlassian URL and set up JWM for the first time.

Configuring your Atlassian environment

We set up the rights and notification concept and create and store your projects. After that we install apps if you wish. This is followed by a joint evaluation.

Module preparation

The last step is to set the course for the module preparation. Depending on which module you choose, a corresponding project and the necessary structure will be set up.

Our recommendation

JWM Essentials Package

Best practices by our experts
in only

1 week


1,500 €*

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JWM Modules

Your extension(s) to the Essentials package based on best practices and according to your individual needs!



600 €*

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* The license costs are not included in the price.

Our JWM Essentials package is exactly what you've been looking for?

Our team of experts will do the work for you and provide you with Jira Service Management ready to use according to your requirements.

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Optimal extensions for your Essentials package

All-round service for an easy start

JWM Trainings

In our training courses, we show you how to use your Jira Work Management. Together we go through functionalities and settings so that you can design your project yourself.

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In our workshops, we work closely with you to develop your requirements and advise you on our best practices for the ideal start of your project with Jira Work Management.

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With our support package flat rate, we accompany your team beyond the introduction, answer all your questions and thus relieve your IT.

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