Jira Software

Manage your work with powerful agile boards

Work across teams, in a manageable and transparent way

Jira Software helps you plan, track and execute tasks within your team in a clear and structured way. Prioritize tasks and create reports with real-time data to increase team efficiency. 

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One system, infinite possibilities

Work smarter, more effectively, and more cost-efficiently on all projects. Avoid unnecessary redundancies, and mass emails, and increase your employee and customer satisfaction simultaneously with transparent and central project control.

Prepare, plan, execute, control, and monitor projects in one place, under one intuitive interface - that's what Jira software can do. Create and organize tasks in a few steps, or automate redundant processes for your team or company.


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The most important features at a glance:

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards provide transparency for entire processes. Teams can design, manage and improve their workflow. Transparency makes it easy for contributors to see where a task is at that moment, making communication within a team much easier. 

Scrum Templates

The Scrum Template makes it easy for teams to divide large and complex projects into smaller tasks and thus maintain an overview. An integrated roadmap helps to plan and track progress across projects. Using this map, it is possible to communicate the current status to stakeholders.


Bug tracking makes it easy to capture and track bugs and pass them to the appropriate colleague. Prioritizing the urgency of bugs and having a centralized source of information ensures that everyone is always on the same page.  

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