Jira Work Management

Project management for business teams

Less Work

Jira Work Management makes it easy for teams to collaborate, coordinate and complete tasks in one place.


Why use Jira Work Management?


Plan your tasks in chronological order or according to urgency and always keep track of your to-dos.


Track team progress and task completion clearly in one place. Ensure fast communication channels with the given transparency.


Assign tasks to the appropriate people and keep track of the To-Do's that get done.

Visualize your work according to your wishes

Jira Work Management offers you a variety of ways to visualize your work the way you need it. Whether list view, calendar, timeline, or Kanban board - the possibilities are nearly endless!

List view - Everything at a glance

All tasks on your team at a glance - In the list view, you can view all pending work and filter them as you wish. Inline editing lets you create and edit tasks faster than ever before!




Calendar - All deadlines at a glance

View your team's tasks in the calendar view and have the ability to manage them over time. You'll never miss a deadline again!




Keep the overview with the timeline

Get a complete overview of everything that needs to be done with the Timeline view. Assign work and optimally display dependencies for larger projects.




Agile collaboration with Kanban boards

Track your tasks in accordance with your individual workflow! Kanban boards sort tasks according to their status and can be easily dragged and dropped into another status.


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Additional features offered with Jira Work Management


Work with available templates that contain intelligent workflows, so you can start directly with the project! These can also be adapted to your own needs after creation. 


With forms, tasks can be easily dumped into the project. With the simple drag-and-drop form builder you can create as many forms as needed.

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Every team is unique! Therefore, showcase your team's personality with customizable backgrounds to set them apart from other projects.


Seamless integration with Jira software

Bring your business and software teams together! Jira Work Management integrates seamlessly with your existing Jira software instance, connecting business and software teams like no other tool.

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