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Understand LeSS - Accelerating Large-Scale Agile Development

Scaling agility with LeSS

As organizations grow and evolve, so does the complexity of their projects and processes. In these scenarios, traditional project management methods may not always offer the most effective solution, leading to inefficiencies, slow time-to-market, and decreased team morale

Are you looking to scale your Agile processes efficiently with a keen focus on value delivery? Then Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is perfect for you. And we help you to implement it.

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Key Principles of LeSS

LeSS is essentially regular Scrum applied to large scale development. LeSS is based on the idea that efficient scaling of frameworks can be done in a minimalistic way. Here, the principle of Scrum is applied to multiple teams working on the same product. It promotes more interaction, whole-product focus, and customer-centric thinking.

Benefits of LeSS

Innovate faster! Profit from shorter time-to-market, improved product quality, and increased productivity

 Enhanced Flexibility and Quick Adaptability

LeSS allows large and multi-team projects to retain the flexibility of traditional Scrum. This way organizations can adapt to changes more quickly, whether these changes stem from market trends, customer feedback, or internal corporate strategy shifts. 

 Improved Communication and Coordination

With LeSS, communication is decentralized and there are fewer organizational layers. This can result in better coordination between teams and quicker decision-making with fewer misunderstandings.

 Focused on Delivering Customer Value

LeSS encourages teams to focus on delivering customer value through potentially shippable increments at the end of every Sprint. This customer-centric approach can lead to improved customer satisfaction.

 Increased Transparency

LeSS fosters transparency, one of the major pillars of Scrum, within the organization. With shared product backlogs and synchronized sprint reviews, there's increased visibility and alignment across different teams.

 Empowerment of Teams

LeSS empowers teams to take more control and make decisions, removing the bottlenecks often created by a top-down approach. This can lead to increased motivation, innovation, and productivity.

 Less Complexity

LeSS strives for simplicity by attempting to descale complex processes rather than adding to them. This approach can help reduce overhead, waste, and time spent on non-value-adding activities.

Need help with your Agile Transformation?

Let's discuss how we can help drive your Agile transformation. We provide support throughout the entire transformation process towards more agility. With Atlassian tools we offer the ideal foundation for agility. With our expert guidance and continuous support, actualize the benefits of LeSS.

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How we implement LeSS

The implementation of a framework is always dependent on your requirements and wishes. We recommend companies to start with the Scrum model to first gain enough experience in the agile environment and develop an agile team culture. The next step is to scale up with LeSS. The standard LeSS framework covers up to eight development teams. LeSS Huge is suitable for large companies and can map the entire organizational structure from a number of eight development teams.



Mismanaged large projects can lead to missed deadlines, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. With our LeSS implementation, businesses can prevent these issues, enhance speed-to-market, and ensure a higher return on investment.

Implementing LeSS with Atlassian Tools

Companies must be able to adapt quickly and seize opportunities as they arise. That is why agility has become indispensable in the company in order to operate competitively. Numerous studies have proven the positive impact of agile strategies on business results and employee satisfaction.

Your teams are already working fully Agile? Jira Align enables Agile to scale, ensuring strategic alignment is linked to operational development. Using Jira Align, we create visibility into dependencies, management, costs, and the backlog. This enables cross-team coordination and agile collaboration across the organization.

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Jira Software is the first step towards agility. With a well-configured ticket system and app extensions, we get you ready for the first steps of your agile transformation. The Jira Board is the most popular tool to unite teams around a single goal and create fast work processes.

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LeSS vs. other Agile Frameworks

Let’s harmonize the LeSS perspective with other Agile frameworks. Unlike others requiring additional layers, roles, and artefacts, LeSS stays true to the original Scrum, extending it to large-scale projects with minimal modifications. This approach allows LeSS to effectively mitigate complexity, foster transparency, and promote team empowerment. Find out more in our blogpost.

Agile Hive vs. Jira Align
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Ready to elevate your Agile practices and optimize your large projects?

Our LeSS-certified Consultants support companies in effectively scaling agile ways of working within organizations and implementing individual business requirements. Following the LeSS principles, we help companies create more accountable teams with a focus on the customer and collaboration.

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Mathias Fassbender
Agile at Scale Expert

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