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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Scaling Agility with SAFe®

The Scaled Agile Framework, shortened to SAFe®, is a framework that uses various methods and principles to establish more agility in companies. Companies that are already successfully using SAFe® report significant increases in productivity, shorter time-to-market, and improved employee engagement..


What is SAFe®?

The Scaled Agile Framework, also known as SAFe®, is a proven framework for promoting agility in companies. It integrates various agile methods and principles to increase productivity, shorten time-to-market and achieve higher employee engagement. The large-scale agility that SAFe® enables focuses on alignment, cross-team collaboration and transparency between many agile teams.

How does SAFe® work?

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) scales agile principles that work at team level to organizational level. This allows the entire company to benefit from agile methods.

SAFe® is a collection of workflows and best practices that support the implementation of agility in an organization. It contains structured instructions for defining different roles and responsibilities, for planning and managing work and for the values to be maintained in the teams.

Benefits of SAFe®



25-75% Increase in product and/or service quality



20-50% increase in productivity



10-50% increase in employee engagement

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30-75% of developer teams improve time-to-market

Pfeil By implementing SAFe®, you can enjoy more efficient collaboration, improved quality, faster time to market and a healthy ROI. Transform your work culture and achieve unparalleled business success. Arrange your free consultation now!


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Want to find out more about SAFe®?

Then our SAFe® training courses are just right for you. Our experts will guide you through all processes.

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How we implement SAFe®

SAFe® actively contributes to an agile mindset. As important as an agile transformation is, it is not very successful if it is implemented ad-hock. We therefore recommend starting with hybrid project management. Before the benefits of SAFe® can be realized, organizations need to adopt a Lean-Agile mindset and understand and apply Lean-Agile principles. We help you identify Value Streams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs), implement a Lean-Agile portfolio, build in quality assurance. In addition, we establish mechanisms for Continuous Value Delivery and DevOps with you.

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Our certified Atlassian consultants are happy to guide you through your agile transformation. No matter what approach you want to take to agile scaling, we will guide you through the implementation and advise you on key approaches and the right strategy for your business. The foundation for the implementation of SAFe® is the Atlassian tools. To a certain extent, SAFe® can also be implemented in Jira Software, but for enterprise-wide scaling there is no way around Jira Align.

SAFe® with Jira Align

Jira Align promotes efficient transformations and combines portfolio management, product management and development for agile collaboration. It supports agile principles such as SAFe® or LeSS and makes it easier to align your teams with agile practices. Jira Align provides a unified view of business goals, portfolios, products and projects. It's essential, especially if you have multiple instances of tools like Jira Software or Azure DevOps.

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You want to drive agility into your teams?

We support companies in the effective implementation of SAFe® to scale agile working throughout the organization. We are your ideal expert to develop an individual solution for your agile transformation and to adapt the Atlassian tools to your requirements in the best possible way.

We would be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on Agile at Scale frameworks and suitable software.


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