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Migrating to the Cloud

Step into the future with veniture and Atlassian

Your path to the Cloud

With Atlassian's Cloud platform, organizations get world-class security, compliance, performance and reliability. Currently, a lot of customers are preparing to move their Confluence or Jira instances from the server or data center to the Cloud. Our team of experts has not only prepared for this new challenge, but has already successfully completed several migration projects. You too can benefit from our expertise and experience: We accompany you on your way to the Cloud and take care of your migration.

Migrating at an affordable fixed price  

Our team of experts has helped numerous customers migrate their Atlassian tools to the cloud. From small and medium-sized businesses to international corporations, we have migrated existing servers and data center instances to the cloud, breathing new life into the tools. Based on our experience and the already proven, standardized procedure, we can now also help you to offer a reliable and secure cloud migration at a fixed price point. This is how we go about it:

Want to know how much your cloud migration costs?

The costs of a cloud migration can depend on various factors such as the Atlassian products you use, the number of users, or the complexity and quantity of your apps.

We offer a free cost calculation service for you. Simply fill out our form and let us know what you need. Within just a few days, you will receive our calculation.

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Our Migration Packages

All-in Package

Migration for your user tier at a fixed price

We take care of your entire migration and implementation process at a fixed price according to your user tier.

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Core Package

For 4,690€ with any number of users in the cloud

With any number of users in the cloud for only 4690 € with our Migration Flat Package.

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Our support during your Migration

Our venITure modules help you execute a smooth cloud migration. 

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We analyze your Confluence and Jira instances and evaluate their complexity. Depending on age, size, version, etc., there are different factors we need to consider.


After the analysis, we prepare the Atlassian Cloud instance for you. During this process, we take care of cost-optimized license processing that takes Atlassian's promotional prices into account.


As part of the collaborative project coordination, we will perform the migration of your instances within a maximum of six weeks.


After a successful migration, we will invite you to an Atlassian Cloud Administrator training session, where we will introduce you to the changes that are of relevance.



If we identify a higher performance requirement on your part during the analysis and project coordination, we will of course inform you of this in advance. The migration to the cloud ensures that you remain in the stable ecosystem of Atlassian solutions and that cross-team collaboration can continue to be developed in the future. Our cloud-certified consulting team will be happy to help you with additional consulting and training services.


More on our packages

Why should you migrate to the Cloud with veniture?

veniture has a proven track record as a cloud-specialized Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner - our certified Atlassian experts have ongoing experience and can assist with planning and execution. We have already had the privilege of designing numerous successful migrations on a wide range of scales. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you!


What you get from us in comparison to other providers


When searching for the best migration solution for your business, it is recommended to review the features, costs and other important factors about the product and vendor. Here you can find a sample package of Jira starting at 500 users compared to other providers. 

venITure Fixed-Price

from 10.000€

Class A and B Apps

Analysis of the Instance 


Productive migration


SAML-Configuration (Atlassian Access) 

and much more...

Our free white paper on cloud migration

Download our free white paper on "Top 5 reasons to migrate to the cloud" now and learn why you should think about moving to the cloud today and how we can help you.


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An overview of all of the Atlassian Cloud benefits


Not sure which plan is right for you?

We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation in your initial consultation.




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