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Every company is structured differently, has different projects that it is tackling, in addition to employees with different levels of expertise. For some, it therefore makes more sense to be able to put together a training course on new topics completely individually.


You want to create your own training agenda?

Then welcome our Jira Software training modules

Our modules can be booked individually or combined as desired. We train you and your team individually to offer you the best results. Depending on the content, the modules have a different duration, but a maximum of 90 minutes. We recommend a maximum of 4 to 5 modules in one day. The modules can also be booked individually.

What is Jira Software?

55 € per participant

Basic understanding of Jira Software

First overview of the system

The Jira user profile

Jira Software Structure

55 € per participant

How is Jira software structured? 

How to navigate through the system?

How is the user interface structured?


Process creation and further procedure

55 € per participant

How to create and edit operations?

What should be considered when creating an operation?

How do I move, copy or delete operations?

Filter in Jira Software

55 € per participant


What are filters? 

How do I create filters?

What do I need filters for?


Jira Query Language (JQL)

55 € per participant


What is the Jira Query Language (JQL)?

How do I create queries?

What to watch out for?

Agile Boards in Jira Software

55 € per participant


What are Kanban and Scrum Boards?

How do I create one of these boards?

  How can I make configurations afterwards?


Dashboards in Jira Software

55 € per participant


How do I create a dashboard?

What are gadgets and what do I need them for?

 What do filters do for my dashboards?

Search in Jira Software

55 € per participant



How does the basic search work?

What is the advanced search (JQL)?

Introduction to project administration
55 € per participant



How to create a project and what to look out for?

How do I configure the sidebar?

What are versions and components and how do I configure them? 

How do I change task type, screen mask, workflow, authorization, and notification masks? 


Unlock your potential with hands-on training

To ensure that the training meets your specific needs, we provide a complimentary 15-minute meeting beforehand. During this meeting, we can briefly discuss your training goals, identify the key use cases that should be addressed, and determine whether you would prefer to utilize our instance as a playground or directly integrate exercises into your system.

Advantages of our trainings


Expert knowledge

remote or onsite

Remote or on site


Hands-on training


Multiple languages

user expirience

Improved user experience


Flexible appointment



For on-site training in the DACH region, we offer the option to visit your location for an additional fee of 500 €.

You'd rather have a pre-packaged training?

Check out our full-day training courses for Jira software, where knowledge builds on each other and a common thread runs through the entire training day.

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Our Jira Software training modules are exactly what you've been looking for? 


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