Atlassian Cloud and Data Center in direct comparison

How do the deployment variants differ?



Advantages and main differences of the deployment variants

Cloud and Data Center

The two deployment options Cloud and Data Center differ mainly in their technical infrastructure. The cloud is a particularly flexible solution that keeps you up to date with the latest technology and requires little administrative effort. The Data Center, on the other hand, is a fail-safe, scalable on-premise solution. The system is operated internally and the infrastructure can be adapted according to your requirements.


  • Security, compliance and data protection are built in
  • Low IT maintenance and hardware costs
  • Always the latest features. Ensures better collaboration
  • Flexible rates - depending on team size

Data Center

  • Complete control over the performance maintenance, security and compliance of your self-managed environment.
  • Purge feature to optimize data to be migrated to the cloud in the future
  • Deploy as a single node or in a cluster, with your own hardware or via IaaS

Pricing and billing

Cloud Data Center

Product plans

Different rate plans (Free, Standard, Premium, Enterprise)

One rate


Monthly or annual subscription

Annual subscription

Pricing Structure

Per-user (monthly) or tiered (annual) licensing

Centralized user-based licensing, so users can access all enterprise instances with a single license


Conditional upon rate


Different support levels depending on the tariff

Different support levels depending on the package: Priority Support or Premier Support (sold separately)

Total cost of ownership (TCO) composition

Subscription costs + product administration time

Subscription costs, product management time, and:

License costs

IT infrastructure costs

Planned downtime

Software upgrade costs

Data management, security and compliance

Functions Cloud Data Center

Data encryption

Encryption during transmission and at rest


Data residency

Data residency for primary data in the USA, EU and Australia (Standard, Premium, Enterprise)


Audit logging

Enterprise and product-level logging via Atlassian Access for Jira Software and Confluence

Advanced audit logging

Device security

Mobile device management support (Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management)

Mobile application management

Mobile device management support (Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management) 

Content security

IP allowlisting (Premium and Enterprise)

Web session duration management



Various compliance certifications including: DGSVO, SOC2, SOC3, CSA, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, PCI DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, WCAG, VPAT, FedRAMP, HIPAA, NIST 800.53, US FINRA, EU BaFin, AUS APRA.

Learn more about certifications



Atlassian provides tools for DGSVO compliance

Data Center products comply with WCAG 2.1 standards


Scale, performance and availability

Functions Cloud Data Center

High availability  and reliability

High-quality core technologies as the foundation for flexible scaling, multi-level redundancy, and resilience

Financially backed SLA for 99.9% availability (Premium)

Financially backed SLA for 99.95% availability (Enterprise)

High availability deployment

Support for high availability database (Aurora)

Optional upgrades without downtime

Data health and management

Project archiving (Jira Software Premium and Enterprise)

Space archiving (Confluence)

Project and task archiving (Jira Software, JSM)

Custom fields (Jira Software, JSM)

Automatic rejection of old pull requests (Bitbucket)

Area archiving (Confluence)

Page and file management (Confluence)

Data storage

2 GB (Free)

250 GB (Standard)

Unlimited (Premium and Enterprise)



Continuous updates for faster load times, faster search results, and optimized attachments.

Cloud infrastructure hosted in six geographic regions to reduce latency.

CDN support

Rate limiting

Smart Mirrors and Mirror Farms (Bitbucket)

Backups and Disaster Recovery

Use of multiple geographically dispersed data centers, regular testing of disaster, recovery and business continuity plans for a high level of security

Daily backups with 30-day retention for point-in-time data recovery


Maximum users per instance

Up to 50,000 users (Confluence)

35,000 users per instance (Jira Software)

Unlimited users (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence)

30,000 users (Bitbucket)

Minimum user tier

1–10 users (Jira Software, Confluence)

1–3 agents (Jira Service Management)

1–5 users (Bitbucket)

500 users (Jira Software, Confluence, Crowd) 

50 agents (Jira Service Management)

25 users (Bitbucket) 

Deployment and management

Functions Cloud Data Center

Containerization and orchestration

Atlassian takes care of it for you

Docker images

Kubernetes support

Change management and upgrades

Automatic software and security updates

Sandbox instance for testing changes (Premium and Enterprise)

Release program options (Premium and Enterprise)


Upgrades without downtime

Releases supported for the long term

Direct access to the database

No direct access to change database structure, file system, or other server infrastructure

REST APIs for programmatic data access

Direct database access

Insights and reporting

Insights into organization and administration to track usage of Atlassian products and assess user security

Atlassian Analytics

Data Pipeline for advanced insights

Confluence analytics

Site names (URLs)

Secure, configurable site names via Atlassian

Hosting the products in a self-controlled domain

User management

Functions Cloud Data Center


Available to all customers:

Central user controls for customers

Managed user accounts with confirmed domains

Mandatory strength, expiration and reset passwords

Specifiable duration of idle sessions

Optional two-factor authentication for end users

Atlassian Access required:


Two-factor authentication mandatory

Multiple authentication policies per organization


Delegated authentication via external LDAP and Active Directory.


OpenID Connect SSO

Support for multiple IDPs (Jira software, Jira service management, Bitbucket).

Atlassian Crowd required:

User management of multiple directories (Active Directory, LDAP, OpenLDAP, or Azure AD) and control of authentication permissions for applications in one place.

Centralized user management

SSO capabilities


Available to all customers:

Licensing with invitation links, approved domains and access requests.

Atlassian Access required

Just-in-time provisioning for SAML SSO

Directory synchronization with cloud IDPs via SCIM user provisioning

G Suite integration (Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence)

Public signup options 

Just-in-time user provisioning with SAML and OpenID Connect

Directory sync with LDAP, Active Directory, and Azure AD

Authorization and access management

Enterprise-level user and group directory

Azure AD support with user and group filters (via Atlassian Crowd)

Group-level administration (via Atlassian Crowd)

OAuth 2.0 for application integration

Apps and integrations

Funktions Cloud Data Center


Thousands of apps and integrations

Cloud Fortified App Program ensures enterprise-grade security and reliability

Thousands of apps and integrations

Data center app release program ensures reliability and scalable performance


Using the Atlassian Connect framework, APIs, and Forge to develop apps, customizations, and integrations

Use of server APIs for app development, customizations and integrations

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence, with additional features not available in the Data Center.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Secure collaboration without VPN

Mobile apps for Jira Software (8.3 or higher), Jira Service Management (4.12.2 or higher) and Confluence (6.8 or higher)

Support for Mobile Device Management (MDM)


Products Cloud Data Center
Jira Software



Jira Service Management
Jira Align



Jira Work Management





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Atlassian Access


Atlassian Analytics


Advanced Roadmaps
Questions for Confluence
Team Calendars for Confluence

Analytics for Confluence


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