ITSM Advanced Package

Your custom-built service desk

Tailored solutions at a fixed price

With this advanced package, we create a service desk that is customized to your individual requirements.

In addition to the introduction of your new tool, you also benefit from our many years of experience and best practices. 

Project Roadmap

6 weeks | Costs: 16,700 €*

In consultation with you, we configure your IT Service Management system so that you can provide your customers and employees with timely problem-solving and advisory support through short coordination paths, automation and transparency.

01 Kick-Off Meeting

Discussion of the procedure & Demo

Project planning

Discussion of individual requirements

02 Technical Implementation



Test implementation

03 Feedback & Adjustments

Demo of the potential configuration

Adjustments based on the feedback

04 Go-Live

Announcement in the company

Activation of the system

05 Workshop

End User Solution Workshop

Package scope

Discovery Workshop

This workshop ensures a correct estimate and architecture for your project

Additional SLAs

Definition of additional 4 SLAs, 15 request types, 5 dynamic forms

Service Desk Reports

Up to 4 service desk reports and 1 dashboards from the data available in the system

 Customized Processes

Deployment of a JSM project with Incident Management, Service Request Fulfillment, Change Management and Problem Management processes


Up to 10 automations from our library

5-Day consultancy budget:

Use this budget during or in the following two weeks after the base implementation of your project

End User Workshop

We conduct a workshop for your end users of up to 4 hours

 Customized Workflow

Custom workflows for each process can be defined and up to 10 custom fields, 2 statuses, and 10 transitions with as many as required conditions and post-functions can be added. This does not include add-ons

Customer facing portal 

Provide a straightforward and satisfying user experience for enquirers. This also includes configuring the portal to fit your branding with logos, colors, and custom icon sets.

Extended service catalogue

Your services are categorised in a service catalogue. With the help of ready-made enquiry types, enquirers can get a clear overview of services, are navigated through the tool in a self-explanatory way and the enquiry reaches the right team directly without detours.

service desk

Dynamic forms

We improve the user experience by adapting the form mask to information already stored and thus explicitly addressing the specific concerns.



We include improved feedback cycles with satisfaction surveys and reports so you know how your service is being received and can make immediate performance adjustments if necessary.

satisfaction feedback

Agent view

Features for your agents to be able to work well organised as service teams within one tool

Communication channels

We integrate your different communication channels, such as emails or chats, into your system so that you can find all requests in one place or in a specific queue. In addition, we take a look at your individual email templates together with you and make recommendations based on our experience and best practices.

Customer Notification

Custom queues

To ensure that all your incoming requests are displayed and processed in the correct order, we organise them in the appropriate queues. We programme these user-defined according to priority or service level agreements (SLAs), status or, for example, categorised according to certain topics. 


SLA Management

To measure your level of service, you set service level agreements. We configure them for you in the system so that you act proactively instead of reactively, recognise the urgency through colour schemes and gradually work through your queues in the appropriate order while maintaining your response time.


Customer-specific reports

We set up custom, dynamic reports with key metrics that help you track and optimise your performance.



Backend matters

General, fast coordination in the teams as well as efficient work 


We recommend and create automations for you that avoid manual work and redundancies, significantly accelerate approval processes and always inform the responsible persons about new developments.


In addition to the standardised workflow schemes of JSM, we set up extended, cross-project workflows that simplify your workflows, facilitate coordination and promote efficient working.

Incident Workflow


Change Management Processes

We establish change management processes based on best practices to ensure that changes do not impact your service quality without prior review and approval. This allows you to easily adapt to the evolution of your business environment. 

 Change Management WF

ITSM Advanced Package

Comprehensive service by
our experts

16,700 €*

6 weeks

*Licence costs not included

Optimal extensions for your ITSM Starter Package

All-round service for a smooth launch

What are your actual requirements? Where exactly do you want your ITSM journey to go and which package is right for you? - Let's find out together in our workshop! 

Our ITSM workshop

You can add extension components to our fixed-price packages at any time to better meet your specific criteria.

Our ITSM Modules

Have your colleagues picked up from the beginning to achieve high user acceptance and a smooth start with Jira Service Management.

Our ITSM trainings

With our support package flat rate, we accompany your team beyond the introduction, answer all your questions and thus relieve your IT.

Our ITSM Support Packages



Our ITSM Advanced package is exactly what you were looking for?

Our team of experts will do the work for you and provide you with Jira Service Management ready to use according to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.




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IT-Consultant & Trainer

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